How to…get stuff done

Well, we’ve all been there. One thing leads to another and you don’t have time to finish that project until the last.possible.minute. It stresses you out, and you decide you’ll never do this to your self again! Alas, time goes on, and you’re sitting there at your computer at 3am finishing an assignment and you wonder, “will I ever be able to manage my time?!”

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How my teaching has changed since this election

As we all know this year’s election was unprecedented and unusual; it has caused a lot of worry and uncertainty among many different groups of people across the country. And while I have been saddened by much of the dialogue that has come from this administration I have also taken strides in my own life to be a more informed, educated, and civically-minded citizen. One way I have done this is through my teaching.

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Hitting the Target, but Missing the Point

Does anyone else feel like their lives are dictated and run by numbers? I certainly do. We get grades in school that determine where we get in to college. Our colleges are ranked based on numerous qualities and characteristics. Then we get a job and start thinking salaries, days of vacation, hours worked each day…the list goes on. Sometimes it feels like we are living our days by the numbers and missing the point.

Measurement cannot go away, but it needs to be scaled back and allowed to mature.

School is supposed to be about learning. Test scores are no replacement for quality learning so why are we so focused on them? Well, this article does a really good job of explaining how we need to achieve a balance between strictly thinking in numbers and really interpreting and valuing what those numbers mean. There is, undoubtedly, a need for reform in the kinds of assessments that we give children, doctors, students, and other professionals. Numbers are important, but we are missing the point.



Soft skills matter


Such an interesting article about how soft skills matter for keeping kids out of trouble, in the long-term.

Soft skills might include teaching kids to work cooperatively in a group or teaching them how to think about the long-term consequences when they make a decision, whereas teaching physics is an example of a hard skill.

These skills are often not emphasizes in early schooling and they should be! Many researchers are aiming their efforts at promoting the teaching of these skills in preschools and elementary schools around the country.

Parents should do all they can to promote these skills with their children … as should education policymakers.

You can find the whole article <here>.