why applying to grad school is not the same as applying to college

Hi there! Sorry for the radio silence. It’s been crazy over here. But, the good news is I passed my dissertation proposal! Now it’s off to the races; trying to finish all my analyses and writing it all up in the next 8 months. It’s going to be a busy year, but I’m excited to finally get this project underway. Being at this stage of graduate school makes me think back to when I first started. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’m glad I have this space to help others with their process.

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What to ask during your grad school interview? (and how to prepare)

Hi friends. Many of your are or will soon be heading into the grad school interview deluge in the fall/winter months, so I figured I would arm you with good interview questions that are sure to impress your potential future advisors. These are the kinds of questions you could ask during a phone interview, video-chat interview, or during the in-person open house.

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Phone/Skype Interviews: Grad School Edition

Hi there! First of all, thank you so much for the positive feedback about that first post on  phone/Skype interviews – I’m so glad you all enjoyed it so much. Here’s the follow-up post about tips directly related to phone/Skype interviews for grad school.

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Non-Academic Career Webinar

I recently “attended” a virtual training course on Transitioning into a Non-Academic Career sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Science. The talk was given by Dr. Josh Henkin and he outlined the kinds of preparation and professional development is useful for non-academic careers. Here’s a recap for you:

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How to…the CV

Ahh, the dreaded curriculum vitae….vita?…Latin? WHY?!…oh gosh!…either way, you know it well. It’s that nebulous document hidden somewhere in the depths of the files on your computer and you have no idea which version is the most up-to-date, what to include in it, how to write it, and ohhhhhh the formatting issues!! I’ve been there, your colleagues have been there, and we know you’ve been there too.

I’ve put together a list of suggestions and helpful hints on how to get your CV in perfect shape! But remember, it’s always a work in progress.

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How to…Graduate School Applications

Applying to graduate school can be very daunting and confusing. When I was applying, I remember asking so many people for advice about the nitty-gritty details of the whole process and I was so thankful for their generous advice. Well, I wanted to make all this valuable information public to people who are interested, so my friend and I compiled it all into a document, which you all can reach here or see if below.

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