How to…get stuff done

Well, we’ve all been there. One thing leads to another and you don’t have time to finish that project until the last.possible.minute. It stresses you out, and you decide you’ll never do this to your self again! Alas, time goes on, and you’re sitting there at your computer at 3am finishing an assignment and you wonder, “will I ever be able to manage my time?!”

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to master, or not to master…

A question I get a lot is whether or not students should get their Master’s before going for their PhD. Some students might think they need to boost their college GPA by getting a Master’s first, others say they aren’t sure whether they can hack a PhD, so they want to test the waters. Usually these sentiments are accompanied by a little fear, uncertainty, and lots of questions. Trust me, I was there, too.

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why applying to grad school is not the same as applying to college

Hi there! Sorry for the radio silence. It’s been crazy over here. But, the good news is I passed my dissertation proposal! Now it’s off to the races; trying to finish all my analyses and writing it all up in the next 8 months. It’s going to be a busy year, but I’m excited to finally get this project underway. Being at this stage of graduate school makes me think back to when I first started. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’m glad I have this space to help others with their process.

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What to ask during your grad school interview? (and how to prepare)

Hi friends. Many of your are or will soon be heading into the grad school interview deluge in the fall/winter months, so I figured I would arm you with good interview questions that are sure to impress your potential future advisors. These are the kinds of questions you could ask during a phone interview, video-chat interview, or during the in-person open house.

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