Applying for graduate school in the social sciences? Congratulations!

You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of all the posts I’ve written about getting your graduate school application ready.

General Overview: includes a timeline, requirements, and what to expect

Get your CV in tip top shape!

A professor’s advice

Hold up, I’m not ready for grad school quite yet. I want to take a gap year.

Look no further! Here’s a roundup of all my advice for taking a gap year (or two).

General tips for the gap year: defines the gap year and provides job ideas

Writing that first job-seeking email

Don’t forget about that CV!

Keeping your social network organized

Yay! I got an interview!! …. Now what?

My tips on phone/video chat interviews

What to ask during your graduate school interview.

APA Guide to Interviews

Psychology Today Guide to Interviewing

Maryville University Guide to Interviewing