About Me


Hi! I’m Tanya. I’m so glad you stopped by my little slice of the Internet! I am currently a Post-doctoral Research Associate at the University of Maryland, in the Prevention & Early Adversity Research Lab. I graduated with a PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology from George Mason University in May 2018.

I started this blog as a way to help students find their path to their next steps after college, specifically, graduate school in the social sciences. When I was in college and thinking about what my next move was going to be, I had the gracious help of so many advisors and mentors. I couldn’t have done it without their guidance. Since college, I have helped guide many students through the crazy and confusing world of figuring out what to do after graduation and/or finding the right graduate program. I’ve sat on panels talking about my own experience and have given advice to undergrads who had similar career aspirations. I noticed that many of these students have exactly the same questions I had when I was going through the same process. I quickly realized there weren’t many resources available for students to figure out how to pursue graduate education, and determine the right programs for them. So, this blog started as a way for me to to help students navigate their world after college and figure out the career path that’s right for them. With this website, I also want to provide some insight into the ins and outs of applying to graduate school. That being said, this blog will focus on graduate programs in the social sciences (human development, psychology, developmental psychology, etc.) because that’s what I know best. But, certainly, many of the tips and tricks I suggest here can be applied to other graduate programs as well.

More about me:

In 2011, I received my B.A. in Biological Foundations of Behavior: Neuroscience from Franklin and Marshall College. I was pre-med for a long time thinking I was destined to become a pediatrician. But, alas, during the spring of my Junior year, I decided that wasn’t the career path for me, and switched gears. I knew I wanted to stay in the child development arena, so I applied to work as a Research Assistant at the Child Development Lab at the University of Maryland, College Park; I was accepted and worked there full-time for two years. I always knew I wanted to continue my education, but it wasn’t until this research assistantship that I figured out what that might look like. I decided a PhD would get me to where I wanted to be, so in fall of 2013, I began my doctoral program at George Mason University and in 2015 I received my M.A. along the way. I graduated with my PhD in May 2018, and continued on to a post-doc at the University of Maryland.


Even though I started this blog to give advice to students about graduate school, I am by no means an expert on this subject. I have never sat on an admissions committee, and I am not a faculty member. However, I have gone through the application process myself, and I have talked with many people about their experiences. I feel comfortable talking about my own experiences and the experiences of others, but these are by no means the only ways to be a successful graduate student or professional. My intention is for students to use this website as a resource; a good starting place for their graduate education journey.