How to…get stuff done

Well, we’ve all been there. One thing leads to another and you don’t have time to finish that project until the last.possible.minute. It stresses you out, and you decide you’ll never do this to your self again! Alas, time goes on, and you’re sitting there at your computer at 3am finishing an assignment and you wonder, “will I ever be able to manage my time?!”

Look no further than the Pomodoro method.

Basically it’s a series of working blocks of time paired with quick breaks. You work for 25 minutes, then you have a 5 minute break. And rinse and repeat until you are ready for a longer break. It’s something about setting your timer for only 25 minutes that seems more manageable and helps you focus on a simple task. And that 5 minute break can be just the simple reward you need – grab a snack, walk around the block, get fresh air, grab a drink. Then get back to it!

Try it! And see how you like it.

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