Don’t Burn that Bridge

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my early career is the importance of not burning any bridges. Even if you are in a job that is challenging and difficult, it’s extremely important to maintain civility and work to keep your relationships positive and healthy. You just never know when you might meet again!

It’s such a small world out there, sometimes it’s shocking.

I got my current job my replacing my old boss from 7 years ago. My current boss had a fellowship that I will be starting this fall. My former course instructor in graduate school interviewed me for that same fellowship.

It’s been amazing to me how small my community really is. And how many times my paths have cross with various mentors and supervisors I’ve had.

My advice:

If you are in a job that you hate right now, stay cordial and polite with your employer and bosses while you are looking for another job. When you leave your job, give advance notice and thank them for all the valuable lessons and skills you learned. You just never know how they might circle back into your life down the road.

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