What I’m Reading VI

Finding your calling is about the balance of 3 things: doing something you’re good at, feeling appreciated, and making people’s lives better. Here are 7 lessons about finding your calling – what you’re meant to do.

Paid parental leave is important for children. When parents have paid leave after having a child, their children experience health benefits, and moms and dads experience improved mental health. It’s good all around, and some states are adopting it, even though we don’t have a federal policy yet. Donald Trump is the only republican presidents to support paid family leave policies, so stay tuned for what might happen in the capital.

“But just generally, allow your kid to experience the world. As long as they’re properly vaccinated, there’s no threat, and they will actually get a stronger, more beneficial exposure.” – NPR Interview with author of “Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs for Your Child’s Developing Immune System”


When one mom refuses to let her son accept an award for having 100% attendance, it makes me wonder, are we rewarding children for near-meaningless accomplishments?

Nursery school appears to be better for kids than nanny’s – one British study found.

Many states, like Florida, have test-based promotion policies put in place for third graders – If children don’t pass a standardized test, then they have to repeat third grade. If you’re thinking, wait, this sounds familiar…well, you’d be right…this is the same topic of my own research. A new study came out that shows grade retention may not be so bad for kids in Florida. But the findings are mixed when it comes to some outcomes like graduation rates and high school performance. The benefits of retention seem to fade over time…

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