What I’m Reading V

Like big data? Well then, you’re going to want to read this.

There’s an important distinction between being rude, mean, and bullying. We all need to use these words correctly and deal with actions for what they are. With bullying interventions popping up in schools across the nation, it’s crucial that parents and teachers learn to identify behavior correctly and treat them accordingly. So next time you see a child being pushed around at the playground, think carefully before speaking up, and make sure they aren’t just playing a game of “who can fly like Harry Potter.”

File this one under, “things I wish I had now, as an adult” – Chicago highschoolers will soon need a life-planĀ in order to graduate …yes, that’s right, 12th graders aren’t just done when they move their tassels to the left, there’s whole life out there that they need to be prepared to live. There are definitely kinks that need to be worked through, like, staff, funding, and resources to make this possible. But, Chicago is spear-heading this idea to prepare students for what lies ahead – be it college or jobs. Now… if I only knew what on earth I was going to do with my life, that would be great.

We need to start arming children with the skills they will need for success. A new book, written by well-known scholars in my field, describes ways in which parents can foster these deeper, more important, skills – or, the 21st century report card.

Raising a truly bilingual child is hard these days – but bilingual parents should keep at it and stick to a plan because being bilingual benefits children down the road.

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