What I’m Reading II

Here’s what I’ve been reading around the web this week!

Four Part Mathematica blog series on school choice: Part 1: What we still don’t know about school choice. Part 2: What we still don’t know about charter schools. Part 3: The research on private schools is almost non-existent. Part 4: What we still don’t know about online schools.

Relatedly, Americans struggle to think collectivistically – the current rhetoric around school choice does not support how far we’ve come in the fight to end segregated schools.

The gender pay gap seems to start off small, right after college, and grow over time. Which reminds me of this awesome interactive calculator that describes what happens to women’s pay over time if they choose to take time off to raise their children.

The stigma associated with being in special education can be worse for black students, especially boys. We should strive to be more culturally sensitive in the classroom. This brings me back to last week’s reading that emphasized a focus on inequalities in education, rather than grit.

I feel ya, Michelle. Why are healthy school lunches a partisan issue?

Not entirely in the realm of child and family policies, but in keeping with the theme of this blog, imposter syndrome is real, many of us will experience it or have already dealt with it. I found this article really helpful.

Budget cuts to the Department of Education might be coming.

What have you guys been reading lately?

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